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Ash Day awareness!

Sooner or later, every phoenix has an Ash Day—a day where it bursts into flame and from the pile of ash that remains, a baby phoenix is born.

Here are some helpful tips to know if your phoenix is nearing its Ash Day:

- Moody and tired

- Feathers falling out, mixed with ash

- Pale gold flecks in eyes

If your phoenix is nearing its Ash Day, feed it lots of fire berries and make sure it has a nice tile or stone nest to rest in. An Ash Day is an exciting time!


Tips for Princesses:
Do you have a new pet unicorn? Here are some simple tips on what NOT to do!

Resist giving your unicorn a ridiculous name such as Schmoochy Poopy or Coochy-Buns. Unicorns don’t appreciate it. Like you, a unicorn wants a nice, simple name that reflects his or her personality.

Resist giving your unicorn a makeover. Do not curl a unicorn’s eyelashes, or file his or her horn. Unicorns are beautiful as they are! If you do want to play with your unicorn’s appearance, simply braid his or her mane or brush his or her coat—unicorns like that kind of attention.

Most of all, remember that unicorns are not just another toy or jewel to add to your collection. Unicorns are living creatures that need love and care—every day.


Alert! Lightning Strikes from Magical Lion!

Reports have come in of a strange storm racing across the sky. At first, it seemed like a lightning storm, but closer inspection has revealed a magical animal is responsible.

A magical winged lion has left its pride and now soaring the sky. Its magical ability—shooting lighting from its tail—has left farms below devastated. MAR (Magical Animal Rescue) is working to redirect the lion back to its home, but until then, try and avoid this “storm” at all costs!


Found an Enchanted Egg?
Can’t bring it to the Agency?
Here are some tips on what to do:

#1: Try and identify what type of egg it is. Is it a phoenix egg? A griffin egg? A dragon egg? Each egg requires particular care.

#2: Can’t identify it? Then follow magic egg basics: create a warm nest for it—feathers and fluff work well—and watch to see if its spots are changing color. If the spots are, then it might hatch soon.

#3: About to hatch? Buy some Nutrient Formula to prepare for the hatching. This formula will meet most baby magic animals’ nutritional needs.

Enchanted eggs are exciting! But, once hatched, make sure you get some help with your hatchling’s care. Remember, most magic animals grow faster than ordinary animals, and a cute baby dragon won’t be little for long.

Helpful links:
> Download the official Enchanted Egg Handbook
> Take the egg expert quiz


Dragons might like fire,
but not fireworks!

With celebrations come fireworks—the bright sparkling explosions in the sky that everyone from giants to ghosts enjoy. But not your pet dragon!

The MAAA strongly recommends that all dragon guardians keep their scaly friends indoors or in a shelter during fireworks displays. Fireworks frequently confuse dragons, who either panic or think that they should respond in kind by creating firework displays of their own.

In order to avoid any unhappy flame bursts, please heed the advice of the MAAA. A happy dragon is a docile one—not stressed or spewing sparks!


Alert! Knight watch!

Reports have come in of a knight, Sir Vector Vinicus, who has stolen two pet dragons for nefarious purposes.

Sir Vector Vinicus is tall, and wears a golden helmet with a red plume. If you see a knight resembling this, please let us know. And, until he is caught, keep your pet dragons safe at home!


Don't feed the wild unicorns!

Feeding your pet unicorn is one thing, but feeding the wild unicorns that roam in the Meadows is another. Although it might seem harmless to feed a beautiful wild unicorn a sugar cube or carrot, wild unicorns can become dependent on handouts and then unable to fend or feed for themselves.

In order to protect these creatures, please resist the urge to tame them, and instead come by the MAAA to feed, pet and adopt a pet unicorn for yourself. We have plenty!

The Magical Animal Adoption Agency | Text © Kallie George | Illustrations © Alexandra Boiger